Toon Blast Cheats – Coin Generator

Toon Blast cheats is a tool where you are able to get some free coins for your game. You can use these coins to get extra moves at the end of the round so you can pass to the next level.

About Toon Blast

Developed by Peak Games, downloaded over 10 million times and has over 1 million of positive reviews, Toon Blast is a simple puzzle game where you need to match the blocks of the same color in order to destroy them. Each level contains blocks of different colors and has some objectives – destroy 50 red blocks, destroy all the jelly, drop the ducks and many more. Each level gets a bit harder than the previous one and these objectives combine later on. For example – in one level you need to drop 5 ducks, destroy 70 blue blocks and remove 20 jellies. And levels like these can be pretty hard on an average player that is here to have fun. You also have in-game currency and boosters that help you out. There are a few different types of boosters – clear row, hammer to tap one block, glove that remove one row, anvil that removes one column of blocks, bomb that destroys nearby blocks of any color, dice that moves the blocks around the level completely random and Disco Ball that destroys all of the blocks of the single color.

The part where this gets interesting is that you can combine these boosters. For example – if you combine bomb with the Disco Ball, you will blocks that will turn into bombs and destroy most of the levels. This will also give you a bonus in scores.

And at the end, you can coins – the Toon Blast in-game currency. With these coins, you can buy some extra moves. At the end of each level, you can decide to pay some coins in order to get 5 extra moves. This is good as it gives you a chance for finishing the level if you missed an objective or you just need a few extra moves.

Using Toon Blast Cheats for extra Coins

You will get very little coins when you first start the game. You will also receive some chest when you are playing the game, every 20 levels, where you will be given some extra boosters, coins or lives. This is random and you can really know if you are going to get coins. The only way to get coins is to use our Toon Blast Cheats. With our tool, you can get up to 50,000 coins per use for your game. That should be enough to finish most of the levels in the game. You also don’t need to generate that much, you can generate 500 coins if you want just to complete a few levels, that is up to you.

Our tool is really fast and safe to use. You need to follow simple instructions in order to get those coins which will be provided below. You can use the tool on any device and you can access from your phone if you wish. The website is optimized for most mobile devices so you don’t have any problems when using the tool, after all, this is a mobile game.


This will be short because it is really easy to use the tool. Start by heading over to the generator page (go up and click the big button) and entering your name. You selected the name when you joined a clan. Now that you typed down your name, select how much coins do you want. Press the button to continue and wait. Complete the process by pressing the button and that is it.

Yes, that is it, nothing else. Now that everything is done. You will need to open up your game and the coins will be there.

More about Toon Blast and this website

Toon Blast is a really fun game where you can waste hours and hours and get hours and hours of fun in return. But every now and then, there will be a level that is really hard to beat and you just don’t have enough coins or boosters to pass the level. That is where our website comes in. Thankfully, we have sponsors that allow us to get the coins from the game and give them to you through our Toon Blast Cheats as we like to call this.

This is our way of giving back to the community of gamers because for some of us, the games are all we have and we just want to give back as gaming community needs it right now since there are many bad games that were for a lot of money (PUBG and other big developers) and the games are never finished. With Toon Blast, you can have some fun while you’re waiting for a bus or a friend and you will get fun out of it. The game is free to play and it’s also easy to play and you can play it on your phone (Android, iOS or Microsoft phone) and tablets as well. This is why we love this game so much and decide to give something back.

So don’t be shy and use our Toon Blast Cheats for getting some extra coins from our sponsors. This game has over 10,000,000 downloads and there is a huge community behind it and if we can give only s small portion of you some extra coins, it will be a blessing.