When to use boosters in Toon Blast

Many of us, including me, will use those limited boosters when we don’t have to. I would often use it when I get annoyed with one level and then I just use 2-3 boosters and then something really bad happens –  I still don’t get past that level which then drives me crazy and that is why today I will talk about when you need to use boosters and when not to.

When to use boosters?

You should always use boosters when the level is hard and you tried multiple times to pass it during the day. You should give the level a try for at least one day as you may get lucky and pass it, but not less than that. If you give it less time, you might just waste your booster as you can probably pass it if you only gave it one more shot.

After you try it for a while, try to use the boosters at the end of the level, when you only have a few moves left. If you use it too early, you might find yourself in a situation where you will use boosters and still need a few extra moves in order to pass it.

Another good time to use boosters is when you have only one more move left. This could possibly be the perfect time to use boosters as they would be your final shot. You can use them then because you will be sure that you can pass the level with that booster and that will be worth it for you.

When NOT to use the boosters

One problem that I saw when my friends are playing this game is that some of them will use the boosters really early. They will still have over 10 moves left and for some reason, they would see a “good” opportunity to use the booster and they will use limited boosters that they have and most of the time they will still be on the same level.

Another bad time to use a booster is when you are a few moves short of completing the level. In this case, it is better to use coins (see how to get coins here) to get those extra moves because booster is harder to come by and for that reason, in this case, it is better for you to spend some coins.


Boosters and coins are rare in this game and it is better to use them only when needed. This guide should help you to choose when to use them and when to be patient and don’t use the limited boosters that you have.


  1. I followed the directions. I downloaded the game to verify I’m human . I opened it for 30 seconds and got the coins!

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