Why is Toon Blast so popular

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you probably heard, saw someone play it or you played it yourself, you heard of Toon Blast. Let’s break down why Toon Blast is such a good game. There are many reasons why, but let’s list a few:

  • free to play games
  • lots of levels
  • levels are not that hard to finish
  • have a club system
  • can get lives from people that are in the club
  • get coins often
  • get chests often

The breakdown

This may seem like every other game, but it is not. In Candy Crush, you need to match the candy and in Toon Blast, you need to clear the blocks that are the same color. You don’t have to calculate as much. Another thing that Toon Blast is better is the easy and good club system.

In most games, you need to send your friends a special link where they can give you special items or lives, but not in this game. Here you need to press a button “Ask for lives” and then you just wait. People from your club can give you 5 extra lives which you can stack up to 10 meaning that you can have 15 lives when you are starting out. When you claim 6 of them and you have 9 left, you can ask for more lives. That way you don’t have to wait for 20 minutes to get one life.

And the best part of this that all of this is in the game. You don’t need to leave the game for one second. People in the club will see that you need lives and all they have to do is to┬ápress that button and they will send you one life. You can also do this for others and every time you do, you will get 1 coin!

Free chests

This is great as both sides get a reward so it’s a win-win for everybody in the club that you joined. Another cool thing about clubs is that you can complete levels, earn stars and when your club collects 60 stars, all of you get one club chest in which will be lots of rewards.

And while we’re talking about club chests, you need to know that you will get one extra chest every 20 levels that you pass. How cool is that? Pretty cool if you ask me as other games will ask you to pay for extra chests/boxes or you will need to use in-game currency to get them, but not Toon Blast, they give you for free every now and then.


I think that I made good points with this post. This is all the good things that Toon Blast has and they don’t have many bad things. They are keeping the gamers happy and they know that people love their game and that is the proper way to take care of the people that are using your product every single day.

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  1. I tried your app to get unlimited lives. It works perfectly.

    I followed carefully everything, and downloaded VPN. Very good, thank you.

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